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Do you know about historically or genealogically important public records that have limited public access, or no public access? If so, please take our survey, so we can investigate and update our to-do list!

PLEASE NOTE: Generally speaking, a records INDEX is more likely to fall under Freedom of Information Law purview than the actual certificates. For example, a limited-information marriage records index may be available under state FOIL, although the actual marriage certificates may have strict privacy laws protecting their release.

Adoption records are almost always sealed under strict privacy laws, and state FOI laws can’t override those.

Cemetery records are generally private, as they are owned by the cemetery themselves, and are not governmental records subject to state FOI laws.

This survey is looking for information about specific genealogical record sets you believe to be wrongly withheld from the public. It’s not for reporting the names of your family members. Reclaim The Records is interested in open records advocacy, not your personal family tree. 🙂

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